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Kazakhstan Travel Guide

kazakhstan travel

Kazakhstan is really a country noted for its biggest country in the Middle of Asia. Because of its large territorial size, Kazakhstan borders lots of countries such as China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan is also the country in Asia supplying the biggest amount of oil on the world. The Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, has gained its status just 2 yrs before the twenty-first century. The city will give visitors new interesting experience with lots of tourist attractive destinations.

Kazakhstan Travel Guide


Getting into Kazakhstan is very easy, travelers can travel by air, road, train, or by boat transport. You will find seven air carriers linking Kazakhstan towards the other parts around the globe. The national airport is Astana; therefore, it provides international tickets to lots of countries on the world sbobet indonesia, those are Atyrau, Aktobe, Aktau, Almaty, Uralsk, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Kyzylorda, Delhi, Moscow, Beijing, Hannover, London, Kl, Baku, Amsterdam, Seoul, and Frankfurt. Another airline is the Lufthansa Air carriers providing plane tickets between Astana and Almaty. British Airways handles Schiphol and Heathrow locations in Europe. Czech Air carrier works o and from Prague City. Turkish Air carrier provides flights between Istanbul and Astana. Air Baltic give travelers plane tickets from Astana to Almaty.

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It may take visitors more than one day arriving Kazakhstan by train from the nations which it borders with. However, it’s really a great chance to uncover the beautiful landscape sceneries of the nation when entering the country. From Moscow, Urumqi-China, and Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk Trains are always available, so it is not difficult for visitors to catch one to the main train station of Kazakhstan. One more advanced thing about the train services in Kazakhstan is that passengers can book train tickets online. This is really convenient.

For those who entering Kazakhstan from China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, they can use a car to across borders. However, this may take them a day for checking up border security. This had better have someone to carry beddings and expect sub-standard accommodation facilities while you the check-up process is processing.

Ferries is also a good way to travel between Baku and Aktau. Aktau if going by take visitors so much time before getting into Kazakhstan.

The type of accommodation that may be available, there are the number of hotels as well as camping sites for people who love discovering nature. Hotels is very affordable to everyone, travelers need only pay 10 $ for a night. However, if the visitors want a lavish and additional rest with comfortable settings pasaran bola, they will take a lot of money from their wallet. Just in case adventure may be the core of the visit into Kazakhstan, you’ll find camping sites within the Buarabay region of Kazakhstan. The experience of camping could be disturbingly hot so site visitors are suggested to bring themselves with plenty of water. If you want to camp near a nomadic community inside the country you must have an approval.

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The diet in Kazakhstan is unfixed because they’re offered with meaty supplements. The most popular ingredients in foods are potatoes, meat, and rice. Beshbarmak is a kind of famous and popular dish made from horses’ meat. Coming to Kazakhstan, it is difficult for vegetarians to find a dish without meat in hotels and restaurants, thus they must make their very own dishes to stay away the meaty diets.

Lots of tourist points of interest to go in Kazakhstan would be the luxurious saunas, the applauding Atlas Mountain tops, the wildlife-filled national park of Karkaraly and also the historic site of Turkestan that’s a really old city where visitors can learn about the history of the region.

Turkmenistan Travel Information

Turkmenistan Travel

Located in the center of Asia, Turkmenistan is really a small country which has most of its territory covered by the Karakum Desert. But, this country has a vibrant costal likes the colorful seaside resource by getting a costal seaside with Caspain Sea. Turkmenistan neighbors many countries such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Uzbekistan. Turkmenistan is an insecure nation; therefore, the political and military activities of the citizens are always controlled strictly. However, Tourism in Turkmenistan is allowable. This means the citizens aren’t permitted to be political or do anything out of government military’s control.

Turkmenistan Travel Information

Turkmenistan has been well invested in transport facilities. Although this nation has a few airports, they can offer many international flights to further locations of many countries such as: Dubai, Frankfurt, Delhi, Moscow, Minsk, London, Istanbul, Kiev, Saint Petersburg, Beijing, Bangkok, Abu-Dhabi, Amritsar and Almaty. The Turkish Air carriers offer flights to and from Istanbul, Turkmenistan connects Frankfurt though the Lufthansa Air carriers and Fly Dubai provides tickets to Dubai.

Road transport is good choice, too. The beautiful landscape along the road will captivate passengers. If you want to travel by train, you can use the train transportation services in Russia and Iran to arrive at the border of Turkmenistan and Iran. It will be more complicate and take a little time of you if entering Turkmenistan by bus. You have to pass a visa checking process. And all neighboring countries have bus transport means to enter Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan has varieties of accommodation facilities. Travelers can use the Turkmenistan or dollars to pay for their accommodation. Along the Miracle Mile road in the capital there are numerous luxurious hotels for people who want to get the best services from them. The government and public authorities also own many other small hotels. These kinds of hotel are often affordable; hence, all social classes can spend their nights in Turkmenistan. Camping is one of interesting activities for people who are camp lovers. The camping sites are found at the coast of the Caspian Sea.

When dining in the fine restaurants and hotels in the capital and towns, you can expect either mutton or beef meat in your dishes. Before any meal, guests are offered a soup made from meat and vegetables. Types of the Russian diet are available in restaurants. Alongside tea, guests can easily find the other local and Russian drinks.

Despite of being a small country, Turkmenistan has also many places to visit. The unique natural features m88 asia, archaeological destinations, cultural locations, historical sites will make visitors surprise as well as interesting. Kow Ata Lake is a great place to refresh their mind in cool water. Archaeological sites include the Altin Depe, Gonur Depe, Nissa and the Jeitun which used to be the settlement of human in the Mesolithic period. Visitors also will find many historic structures such as the tenth century Shir Kabir Mausoleum. With numerous natural reserves in the country visitors can understand more about and interact with various wild species and different landmarks. The Caspian Ocean coast is another nice spot to enjoy in the seaside climate. The funniest thing of all is the camping, camping locations are set up at the coast so everyone can spend their time there as long as they wish.