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Russia Travel Information

Russia Travel

Russia is the country which is known as the Russian Federation has the largest area in the world with around 17075400 square kilometers. This nation is made up of 83 subjects and is a federal semi presidential republic.

Russia Travel Information

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the biggest cities in Russia and receiving all direct flights from European countries. Particularly, Moscow has 3 international air carriers: Sheremetyevo in the northwest, Domodedovo in the south and Vnukovo in the southwest.

sankt peterburg russia
A few of the air carriers operating direct and non stop flight from other countries to Russia such as Transaero from Toronto and Montreal, Canada, Aeroflot from New, Washington and LA, Delta from New York and Atlanta, United Air carriers from Washington and Singapore from Houston. In addition, many countries also provide ticket plane to Russia from their capitals such as Niki from Vienna in Austria, Berlin from Düsseldorf in Berlin, Franz Josef airport terminal in Munich and Stuttgart , Aegean Air from Athens  and Evolavia from Ancona.

In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Train transportation services are always available. Vacationers can easily take a train to all main countries in Europe. For people who would like to get the benefit from sea in summer time, they can use many ferries on the way from Vladivostok to Busan and lots of Japanese ports.

St.Basil’s Cathedral

Bandar Togel – Each city in Russia has its own accommodation facilities for tourists. They are, of course, very modern and diversified. Commonly, Hotels near tourist locations and in big cities may be a little more costly for economy visitors than the others. Those people do not need to mind as they can cheaper hotels for individuals, group of people or small companies that do their business. This method offers great autonomy and flexibility, for example there’s no strict checkout time in main hotels.

kazan russia

The 1st attractive point of interest is Russia’s rich history. The nation is dotted with plenty of distinctively-attractive historic locations and monuments. Perhaps the Derbent, a most age-old Russia’s city, is the best location to visit. The Derbant is famous for that legendary Gates of Alexander and also the walled fortress.

With many impressive museums, they alertly are the best place for visitors to understand the Russia’s past through artifacts displaying in those museums. One of the noticeable museums in Russia is the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg which houses lots of collection of arts contributed by Catherine and other Russian notables. Also, the prestigious Winter Palace of the Romanov Empire is now keeping a wonderful architectural masterpiece. Besides, the Russia Military museums with the central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow, in many other places are attractive destinations to spend a visit, agen bola.

Yekaterinburg can be considered as the main border between Europe and Asia. It is famous for its unique and photography talent.

Another great destination in Russia you should not put it out of your traveling schedule that is the greatest lake Baikal. This is the largest and deepest lake in the world and is held up as the Pearl of Siberia for lovers of out door activities. Boat rides and hikes are among other many activities to help keep you going. Coming there you will have new experience and unforgettable memory.

Czech Republic Travel Information

Czech Republic Travel

In 1993 after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic was established. Now this country neighbors Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany. The Czech Republic is one of the most amazing countries with a complex history, diverse landscape from remote countryside to vibrant, crowded cities. Whether you would like to relax yourself in the wonderful rural landscape or lively city, the Czech Republic is indeed a great choice.

Czech Republic Travel Information

Moravia Czech

The gorgeous landscape from the Czech countryside draws cyclists and walkers every year, and families looking for an outdoors holidays. The stunning lakes and rolling hills would be the perfect backdrop to a romantic Czech adventure. Besides, the fascinating landmarks and traditional pubs are wonderful places to uncover as well.

Rent a bike and cycle around the Czech countryside is best way to enjoy its beauties. You can have a bike rent from the quaint guesthouses around the country. You will find safe cycle trails marked out round the countryside that will guide you through magnificent pine forests, past pretty lakes and rivers (ideal for going for a refreshing dip) or, when you are feeling strong, up and also over the mountain tops.

Blankso Caves Czech

Mention to the Czech Republic, we can not but mention to Moravia which is one of the most attractive areas. In this region, there are many tourist attractions including the amazing Blankso Caves, great choice for a day trip. In addition, the Gothic architecture is shown excellently by the typical examples there such as the 13th century Porta Coeli Monastery and also the spooky Sedlac Ossuary – embellished with chandeliers, walls, alarms and crests made entirely from human bones.

There are many other attractive destinations worthy to go in Moravia. The Zdar Peaks is one of the most fascinating for hikers and walkers to get a few of the most breath-taking sights of this area. Some buildings to discover like Baroque church and an attraction listed as world Herritage Site, Zdar nad Sazavou.

In Moravia, the government usually hosts the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic which draws a large number of racers from all the parts of the world.

The next beautiful destination cannot but go that is Prague, Capital of Czech Republic
prague czech republic Czech Republic Travel Information

Prague-Czech Republic

It is said that Prague is considered as the jewel in the Czech Republic’s crown. This vibrant city is a great choice for romantic couple and funny group vacations. With the famous and colorful nightlife and the rich of historical and cultural locations, your trip will be more perfect and interesting.

Taking a trip to Prague on the weekend will be an enjoyable experience. Going to the districts in the center: Hradcany, Mala Strana, New Town and Old Town, visitors will see some popular and iconic landmarks, nice pub and bars and also luxurious hotels.

Agen Bola – Hradcany district is the house of the amazing Castle complex which is known as simply “Hrad” of the local people. A great location to see! However, you must have tickets to get to the castle; One ticket is valid for 2 days, which provides you a chance to revisit the castle on weekend. Around the castle, there are a lot of other attractive destinations which you should not forget to see: the St Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, St George’s Basilica or the Toy Museum.

prague mala strana Czech

Mala Strana District is among the busiest and most crowded areas of Prague. This location is well-known for its amazing Charles Bridge and delightful St Nicholas’ Church-stood out with its green dome. Other point of interest if the Petrin Hill with many fun attractions: a mirror maze and Funicular Railway.

Being a special destination in Prague, the Old Town is so amazing with seductive cobbled streets, alleys and narrow lanes Prague’s Old Town is the greatest spot for finding charming cobbled roads, walkways and narrow lanes. The good way to discover this area is to get lost in this maze of winding streets. By this way, you see a traditional pub that serves hearty Czech fare and local beers, certainly famous museums, the Museum of Decorative Arts, or a fantastical Astronomical Clock.

In contrast to the Old Town, that is the New Town. Founded in 1348, this area is known with the famous Wenceslas Square with many tourist-friendly restaurants and bars. Like many other areas, the New Town has also lots of attractive destinations to draw visitors: the National Museum, the National Theatre or State Opera as well as the notorious nightlife at the Lucerna or Duplex nightclubs – judi poker online.

Whether you would like to mix yourself with nature, enjoy the fresh air or discover a vibrant, historic city or even just relax, the Czech Republic would be a perfect choice for a trip.

10 Things You Need To Know About Turkey

Turkey Travel
You’ve heard about the endless glasses of tea, the kebabs and how to haggle in the bazaar. But if you really want to get under the country’s skin, here are ten less commonly known things about life and culture in Turkey.

1. Not all Turkish men have mustaches

This Turkish stereotype is remarkably persistent.

While you might see members of the older generation sporting a mustache, young Turks are more likely to be clean-shaven.

2. There aren’t any camels

In Turkish holiday resorts it’s not unusual to see a couple of camels lined up strategically outside the tourist attractions, waiting to be photographed. Like apple tea, someone discovered that tourists like them. Turkey doesn’t have a desert, and it doesn’t have any (native) camels either.

3. The official language is Turkish

The only official language of Turkey is Turkish, although other languages spoken by minority groups include Arabic and Kurdish.

Turkish is part of the Turkic language family; similar languages are spoken in Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries such as Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Turkish is not related to Arabic, although the two languages have some words in common. Although most Turks are Muslim, they are not Arabs.

Drinking Traditional Turkish Tea With Friends

4. Every meal is a barbeque opportunity

Breakfast, lunch or dinner: the grill can be used at any time of day. Picnics are also popular in Turkey and the portable mangal , barbeque, usually comes along.

There’s also a whole restaurant format devoted to the barbeque: called kendin pişir kendi ye : cook it yourself; eat it yourself. At the table you’ll get a pre-heated barbeque and a plate of raw meat. The rest is up to you.

5. Turkish soap operas are huge

Local studios churn out dizi , soap operas, at an impressive rate. Almost every Turkish region has its own soap opera. Most socializing in Turkey is done at home, and watching soap operas is a favorite pastime.

Turkish soap operas are not only popular inside the country; they are also watched throughout the Arab world and Central Asia. These shows have even been credited for an increase in Arab tourism in the country.

6. Turkish people are extremely hospitable

If a Turkish person invites you to his house after you’ve known him for half an hour, don’t panic.

Turks are incredibly friendly and hospitable and as a misafir , guest, you are highly sbobet valued. Many will consider it an honor if you accept an invitation to visit them. Once inside, you will be plied with food and strong black çay or Turkish coffee.

7. Turkish people are also very inquisitive

A typical conversation with a Turkish person you’ve just met might go something like this: “What country are you from?… Are you married?… Is your husband / wife Turkish?… Do you have children?… How old are you?”

woman turkey

If you come from a different culture these might seem like very personal questions. Compared to people in U.K., the Turkish people I know are much more comfortable talking freely about personal details, even with someone they don’t know well.

8. Wearing a headscarf is forbidden in public buildings

This means that a girl who wears a headscarf cannot attend university. Some find ways around this, such as by wearing wigs. In other places, wearing a headscarf is purely a matter of personal choice. The proportion of women wearing a headscarf varies depending on which city or even which part of town you’re in. Interestingly, a recent study by ESI showed that while most Turks think headscarf wearing is on the rise, the percentage of Turkish women who cover their heads actually decreased from 73% in 1999 to 64% in 2006.

9. Like Tarkan? There’s more where he came from

Dominoqq online – Like soap operas, Turkish pop music is popular throughout the region. Other homegrown musicians to look out for include Sezen Aksu and Öykü & Berk, who are pioneering their own brand of Turkish flamenco. For something a bit edgier, try Orient Expressions or Mercan Dede.

10. Don’t mention Midnight Express

I asked a couple of Turkish friends about the questions and stereotypes they encounter most when they travel outside Turkey, and this is possibly the one that makes them cringe the most. The screenwriter of Midnight Express has apologized for the film’s negative portrayal of the Turkish people, but Turks feel they have to explain to the world that you shouldn’t believe everything you see at the movies.

Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq Travel

Iraq has an array of world heritage sites. People in Iraq should thank to the efforts of the UN and some positive minded citizens who brought the peaceful life for people here. Iraq is one of the countries of the Middle East. It features a nice shoreline at its southern part of its territory among the Persian Gulf. it has a large size territory, so this nation borders many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. The current capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The city has well laid modern infrastructural facilities.

Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq Destination

Travelers will find four good ways to arrive Iraq. By air transport, from many destinations around the world, visitors can use the Baghdad, Queen Alia, and Erbil international airports services to get into Iraq. People from Turkey and Sweden can board the many air carriers providing the worldwide flight services. Besides there are lots of  air carriers that connect Iraq to the rest parts of the globe would be the Iraqi Airways, Turkish Airways, Australian Airways, Lufthansa Air carriers, Royal Jordanian Air carriers, Viking Airways, and also the Etihad Airways. Travelers the Gaziantep region of Turkey can board a train on Thursday to reach Mosul in Baghdad the next day within the mid-day. From Jordan and Kuwait, people can catch a bus to transport.
air transport iraq Iraq Travel Guide

iraq best places

Iraq’s weather conditions are really uncomfortable, very high, hot temps, such that might be sleeping outdoors during the night more appropriate than sleeping in the room. You may expect that your accommodation rooms have air conditioners to reduce the atmosphere for any peaceful sleep. The main kind of accommodation may be the hotel. Mainly, there are two kinds of hotel for accommodation here, the luxurious hotels for top-class society and the affordable ones which are still comfortable to invest nights in. Breakfast along with other meals could be arranged too and security staff is contained in every hotel.

iraq best places to visit

Iraq includes a splendid hospitality atmosphere proven through the hotels and wealthy cuisines they serve. The Iraqi dishes include meat and spices or herbs on the top of well-outfitted veggies and rice. Other meals are from the dessert category like grain pudding, honey pastry, and fruits. The coffee offered in Iraqi hotels may be the Arabic coffee that’s dark colored, and contains a powerful taste. Some types of the western cuisine can be found within the hotels with a multitude of dishes to test besides the local Iraqi dishes.

Since Iraq became a peaceful country under harmonious government the bombing wars by persistent terrorists, touring Iraq is under control, however, a trip to any destination of the country should has a tourist guide and security officer to make sure visitors safe and to help whenever something happens. Iraq bears a lengthy wealthy history including being the motherland of Babylon Kingdom. A lot of historic traces continue to be maintained as tourist attraction sites. The old city of Ashur was the center for the Assyrian Empire, which is available to the public to uncover this significant world heritage site. Some others destinations to go are Ctesiphon, Nineveh, Hatra and Ur.

Israel Travel Guide

You will find a lot of reasons to go to Israel and revel in your holidays. Israel is an important historic city to Christian believers around the globe since it is a Biblical location in which the Christian belief was nurtured. Having a long history of events that happened still within the same land, Israel has got the biggest population of museums globally. Israel’s seaside cities are lively and also the beaches are super fun with lots of water sports happening in the Mediterranean Sea coast. Israel has 1000′s of accommodation facilities so they can meet vacationers’ stay in their holiday.

Israel Travel Guide

haifa shrine of the bab

Israel was found and situated in the Eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea or South East of Egypt. A brief history of Israel is tracked to the generation of the presence of Abraham, who is considered as the father of Israel. Abraham elevated and supported his belief in God whom he thought was the only real God and also the creator from the world. Abraham has a boy known as Isaac. Isaac’s boy was called Jacob. Jacob resided within the Land of Canaan where he was renamed “Israel” by God. Israel gave twelve sons representing the twelve tribes of Israel namely: Reuben, Simon, Levi, Judah, Serta, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph and Benjamin. The Israel we see in the map today is the Land of Canaan before. It’s nearly every place pointed out in the Bible hence such places happen to be converted into maintained tourist centers and museums.

jerusalem israel history

Whenever you spend your holiday in Israel today, you’ll find several historic locations, old structures which were built 1000′s of years in the last, old cities and monuments.  To refer only some the popular destinations are: the Dead Sea, Masada Fortress next to the Red Sea which used to be a kingdom of Israel, the Ocean of Galilee where Jesus preached and carried out miracles and stepped onto water. In the neighborhood of the Sea of Galilee would be a town namely Capernaum where Jesus fed the 1000′s of hungry people by five loaves and 2 fish. These are merely some the historical attractive destinations so spend your time in Israel and discover more historic destinations and experience new feelings.

religious tours of israel

You will find lots of natural features in Israel that contribute as one of the world’s magnificent sites. Witness Israel’s dynamic landscape, in the Negev desert, the Galilee Mountain Ranges, the flatlands in the Mediterranean Coast where many people dwell, the Rift Valley in the eastern area of the highlands and Mount Carmel among others. Go to the various nature, forests and reserves to contemplate the gorgeous ecosystem of untamed animal and plant species thriving in Israel. You can also participate in the camping trail if you want it or you would like to give it a try. Tour the most popular rivers of Israel such as the large flowing Jordan River and revel in water rafting together with your co-workers and family members.


The peaceful seaside is superbly composed using the turquoise judi bola reflecting waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Banana Beach, Dado Zamir Beach and Sironit Beach which has the beach elevator that can help you achieve the town very quickly after vacating in the seaside, are the optional beaches to prevent by enjoy yourself in the sunny tropical weather of Israel. Dive into the Mediterranean Sea, surf across the blowing waves, make or purchase a kite to fly , as well as travel into the snorkeling region to see the endemic types of plants as well as ocean creature

Israel’s accommodation available and various with modern facilities to select from. When traveling to Israel, you can easily find the executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges and restaurants. In addition, there are many clubs that operate through the night. The food is unique and wealthy in delicacy. Cultural dances are held from time to time in some hotels. You just need to book a room within the available accommodation, pay their affordable fees and start to be satisfied with your discovery in Israel.

Kazakhstan Travel Guide

kazakhstan travel

Kazakhstan is really a country noted for its biggest country in the Middle of Asia. Because of its large territorial size, Kazakhstan borders lots of countries such as China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan is also the country in Asia supplying the biggest amount of oil on the world. The Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, has gained its status just 2 yrs before the twenty-first century. The city will give visitors new interesting experience with lots of tourist attractive destinations.

Kazakhstan Travel Guide


Getting into Kazakhstan is very easy, travelers can travel by air, road, train, or by boat transport. You will find seven air carriers linking Kazakhstan towards the other parts around the globe. The national airport is Astana; therefore, it provides international tickets to lots of countries on the world sbobet indonesia, those are Atyrau, Aktobe, Aktau, Almaty, Uralsk, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Kyzylorda, Delhi, Moscow, Beijing, Hannover, London, Kl, Baku, Amsterdam, Seoul, and Frankfurt. Another airline is the Lufthansa Air carriers providing plane tickets between Astana and Almaty. British Airways handles Schiphol and Heathrow locations in Europe. Czech Air carrier works o and from Prague City. Turkish Air carrier provides flights between Istanbul and Astana. Air Baltic give travelers plane tickets from Astana to Almaty.

Astana horizontal-kazakhstan

It may take visitors more than one day arriving Kazakhstan by train from the nations which it borders with. However, it’s really a great chance to uncover the beautiful landscape sceneries of the nation when entering the country. From Moscow, Urumqi-China, and Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk Trains are always available, so it is not difficult for visitors to catch one to the main train station of Kazakhstan. One more advanced thing about the train services in Kazakhstan is that passengers can book train tickets online. This is really convenient.

For those who entering Kazakhstan from China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, they can use a car to across borders. However, this may take them a day for checking up border security. This had better have someone to carry beddings and expect sub-standard accommodation facilities while you the check-up process is processing.

Ferries is also a good way to travel between Baku and Aktau. Aktau if going by take visitors so much time before getting into Kazakhstan.

The type of accommodation that may be available, there are the number of hotels as well as camping sites for people who love discovering nature. Hotels is very affordable to everyone, travelers need only pay 10 $ for a night. However, if the visitors want a lavish and additional rest with comfortable settings pasaran bola, they will take a lot of money from their wallet. Just in case adventure may be the core of the visit into Kazakhstan, you’ll find camping sites within the Buarabay region of Kazakhstan. The experience of camping could be disturbingly hot so site visitors are suggested to bring themselves with plenty of water. If you want to camp near a nomadic community inside the country you must have an approval.

kazakhstan aru almaty

The diet in Kazakhstan is unfixed because they’re offered with meaty supplements. The most popular ingredients in foods are potatoes, meat, and rice. Beshbarmak is a kind of famous and popular dish made from horses’ meat. Coming to Kazakhstan, it is difficult for vegetarians to find a dish without meat in hotels and restaurants, thus they must make their very own dishes to stay away the meaty diets.

Lots of tourist points of interest to go in Kazakhstan would be the luxurious saunas, the applauding Atlas Mountain tops, the wildlife-filled national park of Karkaraly and also the historic site of Turkestan that’s a really old city where visitors can learn about the history of the region.

Turkmenistan Travel Information

Turkmenistan Travel

Located in the center of Asia, Turkmenistan is really a small country which has most of its territory covered by the Karakum Desert. But, this country has a vibrant costal likes the colorful seaside resource by getting a costal seaside with Caspain Sea. Turkmenistan neighbors many countries such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Uzbekistan. Turkmenistan is an insecure nation; therefore, the political and military activities of the citizens are always controlled strictly. However, Tourism in Turkmenistan is allowable. This means the citizens aren’t permitted to be political or do anything out of government military’s control.

Turkmenistan Travel Information

Turkmenistan has been well invested in transport facilities. Although this nation has a few airports, they can offer many international flights to further locations of many countries such as: Dubai, Frankfurt, Delhi, Moscow, Minsk, London, Istanbul, Kiev, Saint Petersburg, Beijing, Bangkok, Abu-Dhabi, Amritsar and Almaty. The Turkish Air carriers offer flights to and from Istanbul, Turkmenistan connects Frankfurt though the Lufthansa Air carriers and Fly Dubai provides tickets to Dubai.

Road transport is good choice, too. The beautiful landscape along the road will captivate passengers. If you want to travel by train, you can use the train transportation services in Russia and Iran to arrive at the border of Turkmenistan and Iran. It will be more complicate and take a little time of you if entering Turkmenistan by bus. You have to pass a visa checking process. And all neighboring countries have bus transport means to enter Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan has varieties of accommodation facilities. Travelers can use the Turkmenistan or dollars to pay for their accommodation. Along the Miracle Mile road in the capital there are numerous luxurious hotels for people who want to get the best services from them. The government and public authorities also own many other small hotels. These kinds of hotel are often affordable; hence, all social classes can spend their nights in Turkmenistan. Camping is one of interesting activities for people who are camp lovers. The camping sites are found at the coast of the Caspian Sea.

When dining in the fine restaurants and hotels in the capital and towns, you can expect either mutton or beef meat in your dishes. Before any meal, guests are offered a soup made from meat and vegetables. Types of the Russian diet are available in restaurants. Alongside tea, guests can easily find the other local and Russian drinks.

Despite of being a small country, Turkmenistan has also many places to visit. The unique natural features m88 asia, archaeological destinations, cultural locations, historical sites will make visitors surprise as well as interesting. Kow Ata Lake is a great place to refresh their mind in cool water. Archaeological sites include the Altin Depe, Gonur Depe, Nissa and the Jeitun which used to be the settlement of human in the Mesolithic period. Visitors also will find many historic structures such as the tenth century Shir Kabir Mausoleum. With numerous natural reserves in the country visitors can understand more about and interact with various wild species and different landmarks. The Caspian Ocean coast is another nice spot to enjoy in the seaside climate. The funniest thing of all is the camping, camping locations are set up at the coast so everyone can spend their time there as long as they wish.

Iran Travel Information

Iran Travel Information

Iran is definitely an Asian country situated in the eastern of Asia. It has border with the Middle East and lots of other countries like Turkey and Iraq. Iran has a successful tourist industry with numerous beautiful tourist destinations. Its large territorial size covers an array of points of interest including seaside regions graced by the Caspian Sea, Gulf of Oman and also the Persian Gulf.

Iran Travel Information

Travelers from foreign countries can arrive at Iran by air transport, train, car, or even by buses. If you would like to travel by airplanes, there are some national airports for you such as Iran Air, Emirates, BIM, Turkish Air carriers, Middle-Eastern Air carriers, Australian Air carriers, Air Asia, Gulf Air, Qatar Air carriers, Mahan Air or Iran Aseman Air carriers, among other several air carriers to fly into among the international airports in Iran that operate worldwide plane tickets. The main airport  is Imam Khomeini Airport, which is located in the southwest of the capital of Tehran. The worldwide locations which are linked to Iran are Dubai, the Center East, some metropolitan areas in Europe, Australia, Kl, Istanbul, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria.


Travelers from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan may reach Iran by train transport. In Turkey, you will be easy to get into Iran through two service companies: the Istanbul and . They will provide you train transportation to Iran. From Afghanistan you can use The Mashad-Heart railway route. For those travelling from Iraq, you should use the Khorramshar-Basra railway route. Pakistan’s Quetta-Zahedan link with Iran by rail can also be available if coming from Pakistan.

If you start from Turkey, you should use a car to travel. However, a pass in a Carnet D Passage is needed. You can catch public buses in Armenia from Yerevan to Teheran. In Turkey, metropolitan areas like Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya have public buses that transport people to Tehran in Iran. From Iraq, bard a bus in Arbil, Sanandaj and Kermanshah to reach Iran’s bus stop in Urmia, Sulaymaniyah and Tehran. In Afghanistan, you will find buses that work day-in-day-out between Mashad and Herat. Turkmenistan’s people can catch buses in Ashgabat to reach Iran’s capital of Mashhad.

Iran has ferry transport facilities that operate across the Caspian Ocean and also the Persian Gulf. You will find ferry outings between Iran and Dubai, Kish Island, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.


Just in case you want to spend a night in Iran, finding an accommodation facility isn’t difficult. Iran’s facilities are the fine affordable guest rooms around the world-class five-star hotels. You will find villas which are well outfitted with air conditioning units, web connection along with a pool. Guesthouses would be the most available and least expensive facilities that might be in nearly every town and city you come over. You will find also hotels that adopt the traditional Iranian bedroom setup, which among the best methods to experience in to the wealthy Iranian culture.


You will find a multitude of locations to go to in this country. They range from the monumental sites and natural attraction destinations. Tehran is really a large city with safe roads to enjoy the local cuisine in the nice restaurants and splendid hotels and discover attractive destinations judi bola. Hamedan is really a historical city that bears a lot of the rich history of the Iranian people. Isfahan is the most attractive metropolitan areas in Iran. It had been initially a capital nevertheless its outstanding architectural designs and also the surrounding boulevards make the city a heaven-made paradise experience. There are some other points of interest such as the ancient palaces, gorgeous islands and the famous artistic museum known as Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Saudi Arabia Travel Information

saudi arabia travel

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arabic countries located in the territory of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the Middle East states and it has three different coastlines: at the Indian Ocean, Gulf Sea and the Red Sea. It neighbors other Arabian countries: Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia provides modern facilities and infrastructure. Riyadh is the capital city of the country. Saudi Arabia is a kingdom hence it is ruled by a monarchical government.

Saudi Arabia Travel Information

Enjoying the fun tour in Saudi Arabia is no longer hindered by distance. Saudi Arabia is a rich country, and it has richly invested in various means of transport to enable visitors from many parts of the world to reach this country. Using its four major international airports in Madinah, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia enables international transportation from countries even outside the Asian continent and farther continents to reach the country. Airlines that serve the across-the-border flights are the Saudia Airlines (national carrier), Gulf Airlines, and many airlines from Europe and Arabic states.

There is bus transport for people coming from Bahrain and Cairo provided by bus service companies called The SAPTCO and the Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company. Alternatively, you can choose to use a private car to enter Saudi Arabia from the eastern side using the border crossings connecting Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. From Sudan or Egypt, you can book for ferry transport to the coastal ports at the western side of Saudi Arabia.

saudi arabia riyadh al batha

Saudi Arabia has a large population of top-notch hotels for meals and accommodation to its tourists. The hotel rooms are sufficiently equipped and spacious, including the hotels that are affordable even to the middle class society. Other forms of accommodation offered are apartments and restaurants. The affordable hotel rooms can be found in cities supporting tourism activities like: Al Abha, Madinah, Makkah and Taif.

saudi arabia masjid al nabawi madinah

Saudi Arabia has a large experience in the food and hospitality sector. Mostly in the cities, you will find private, fast food joints and in some town centers. Restaurants are packed well and luxurious hotels can never be missed in this rich state. The popular fast joints you can find in Saudi Arabia are the Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway. If you want to have a taste of the local Saudi Arabian cuisine, then find a small joint and order for the shwarma kebab, fava stew, falafel, hummus salad, mandi chicken-rice meal, or the tabbouleh salad. One thing to note is a regulation restraining the drinking of alcohol with people of the same sex.

Desert-Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a wide variety of attractions that are visited by sbobet tourists. One of them is the Al Masjid al Nabawi mosque, which is a building established a long time ago by the prophet Muhammad. It is considered as the top holiest mosque in the country. The Al-Ula is an old site that was once trading centre many centuries ago. The Jamarat Bridge is a must to pass through and witness the strong engineering background of Saudi Arabia, and discover the unique flora and fauna species the Jabal al-Lawz region.