Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq Travel

Iraq has an array of world heritage sites. People in Iraq should thank to the efforts of the UN and some positive minded citizens who brought the peaceful life for people here. Iraq is one of the countries of the Middle East. It features a nice shoreline at its southern part of its territory among the Persian Gulf. it has a large size territory, so this nation borders many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. The current capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The city has well laid modern infrastructural facilities.

Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq Destination

Travelers will find four good ways to arrive Iraq. By air transport, from many destinations around the world, visitors can use the Baghdad, Queen Alia, and Erbil international airports services to get into Iraq. People from Turkey and Sweden can board the many air carriers providing the worldwide flight services. Besides there are lots of  air carriers that connect Iraq to the rest parts of the globe would be the Iraqi Airways, Turkish Airways, Australian Airways, Lufthansa Air carriers, Royal Jordanian Air carriers, Viking Airways, and also the Etihad Airways. Travelers the Gaziantep region of Turkey can board a train on Thursday to reach Mosul in Baghdad the next day within the mid-day. From Jordan and Kuwait, people can catch a bus to transport.
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Iraq’s weather conditions are really uncomfortable, very high, hot temps, such that might be sleeping outdoors during the night more appropriate than sleeping in the room. You may expect that your accommodation rooms have air conditioners to reduce the atmosphere for any peaceful sleep. The main kind of accommodation may be the hotel. Mainly, there are two kinds of hotel for accommodation here, the luxurious hotels for top-class society and the affordable ones which are still comfortable to invest nights in. Breakfast along with other meals could be arranged too and security staff is contained in every hotel.

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Iraq includes a splendid hospitality atmosphere proven through the hotels and wealthy cuisines they serve. The Iraqi dishes include meat and spices or herbs on the top of well-outfitted veggies and rice. Other meals are from the dessert category like grain pudding, honey pastry, and fruits. The coffee offered in Iraqi hotels may be the Arabic coffee that’s dark colored, and contains a powerful taste. Some types of the western cuisine can be found within the hotels with a multitude of dishes to test besides the local Iraqi dishes.

Since Iraq became a peaceful country under harmonious government the bombing wars by persistent terrorists, touring Iraq is under control, however, a trip to any destination of the country should has a tourist guide and security officer to make sure visitors safe and to help whenever something happens. Iraq bears a lengthy wealthy history including being the motherland of Babylon Kingdom. A lot of historic traces continue to be maintained as tourist attraction sites. The old city of Ashur was the center for the Assyrian Empire, which is available to the public to uncover this significant world heritage site. Some others destinations to go are Ctesiphon, Nineveh, Hatra and Ur.